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Performance Pilates & Pre-habilitation

Being your best YOU

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Annabel Muttdon

Clinical Pilates Instructor & Coach



Pre-habilitation training is a term used to describe a type of training that aims to reduce the risk of injury and also prevent an injury from occurring. This program aims to assist gymnasts to develop muscular control, increase joint range of motion and acquire sound movement patterns.


So, how does this relate to Pilates…as gymnasts, you are required to learn new skills quickly and have the ability to make small adjustments to perfect elements, which means you require a high level of body awareness. In Aerobic Gymnastics we place excessive load through our bodies and joints and often perform repetitive movements. The practice of Pilates enables learning of safe body postures for movement and functional movement patterns that translate to the training environment.

Benefits of Pilates and Pre-habilitation



Group Reformer Workout

Reduce risk of injury

Reformer Workout

Enhanced posture and muscular function

What Classes do we offer:​

Clinical Pilates

Mat and reformer-based classes with individualised programs (max 4 persons)


1-hour classes

**Private and semi-private classes available

Athlete Program

Individual athlete screening and tailored program implemented. Review and revised every 2 - 4 weeks.

Individualised screening session (45 mins)

Implementation session (30 mins)

2 to 4-week reviews ongoing (30 mins)



I create and YOU do.

Individual athlete screening and personal program created for athlete to complete themselves


45-minute screening

Individualised program provided to athlete

Unsure what option is best for YOU?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me on the following


Visit – Annabel Muttdon

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