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Aerobic Gymnastics

Aerobic Gymnastics

2 - 3 hours classes

At AGS we offer Aerobic Gymnastics for all ages and abilities.


In Aerobic Gymnastics we follow the Gymnastics Australia competitive pathway and offer classes for athletes at School, State, National and International levels.

Classes involve performing dynamic and complex continuous sequences of high and low impact aerobic movement patterns in routines to music. Combinations of basic aerobic steps together with arm movements and difficulty elements. Routines demonstrate flexibility, strength and continuous movement, performed individually or with friends in multiples and groups.

Australian Levels Program (ALP) 2 - 5:

Offering one or two classes a week, sessions are 2 hours long. Levels 2 - 5 utilises pre-choreographed routines.

Australian Levels Program (ALP) 6 - 10:

Offering up to three classes a week, sessions range from 2 - 3 hours long. Level 6 - 10 provides an opportunity for athletes to perform higher skills and perform their own individual choreography.



Offering up to six classes a week, sessions range from 2 - 3 hours long. This is for athletes who have the skill level, commitment and goal of representing the country at an International standard.

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