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Angela McMillan Aerobic Coach

Kristie Loidl 


Kristie has been involved in gymnastics for many years.

She begun training recreationally as a young girl and then progressed to competing. She transferred her love and passion for competing in gymnastics to aerobics in 2007.


Kristie began coaching in 2009 and her coaching career has seen her take classes such as Kinder Gym, Fun Gym and recreational and competitive Aerobics. She holds a Bachelor of Education (Primary) Degree and is a qualified Intermediate Aerobics, Gymnastics for All and Kinder Gym coach.


Kristie has taught AeroSchools at a number of different schools and clubs across Melbourne, as well as with organisations such as Coach Approach.

Angela McMillan Aerobic Coach

Angela McMillan


Angela has competed in Aerobic Gymnastics for 17 years representing New Zealand In 2004 Angela gained her title as FIG World Champion. Since then she has gone on to win several International titles including:

2x ANAC International Champion

2x Suzuki World Cup Champion


Angela has been coaching since 2008 and has presented in many countries around the world such as NZ, UK, Japan, Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam and Australia, running workshops and training camps.


Before settling in Australia Angela was part of the National Coaching team in Vietnam and worked as the Head coach for Hanoi Aerobics. During her time in Hanoi her athletes went on to win several National, International and World medals.


Angela now resides in Melbourne and has been an integral part of the State and National High Performance coaching team and has attended several International events since 2015.

Annabel black and white.png

Annabel Muttdon


Annabel has been involved in the world of Gymnastics since age 6. Annabel begun her journey in Artistic Gymnastics at a National level and then transitioned to Aerobic Gymnastics in her early teens and going on to compete at two World Championships.


Annabel has been coaching since 2009 in both Artistic and Aerobic Gymnastics. She has a passion for the sport and enjoys assisting other athletes to achieve their own personal goals.


Throughout her coaching career, she has held Workshops across Victoria and been part of the State Team Coaching team. Outside of coaching, Annabel holds a Masters in Podiatric Practice and is a qualified Clinical Pilates Instructor.

olive black and white profile pic.png

Olivia Feaver


Olivia has been active in aerobic gymnastics since joining her grade 4 team to participate in the Aeroschools program. 


She has been competing internationally since 2012, in Japan, USA and Portugal.


Olivia won the title of Australian Champion in the Senior International Individual Women category both in 2017, 2018 and 2019. She also represented Australia at the Aerobic World Championships in her individual plus a trio in 2018, as well as competing in two World Cup events. Olivia placed 3rd in the trio event and 6th in Individual at the Plovdiv Open in 2019

Olivia is a qualified aerobics and gymnastics coach, coaching and mentoring younger gymnasts at numerous schools and clubs these past five years in both the aeroschools and artistic gymnastics programs.


Her background includes dance, calisthenics and artistic gymnastics.

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