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Success in Plovdiv

Congratulations to Olivia, Brooke and Ruby on their success in Plovdiv. 

Olivia placed 6th in finals for individual and 3rd place in trio. Olivia has been pushing herself towards her goals for 2020 and this competition was a great step in the right direction.

This was Brookes first major international event. She placed 51 in a large field of very experienced athletes. Just being able to put herself on the same level as these impressive athletes was a gift in itself.

Ruby has had a year full of ups and downs and has battled an illness for several weeks. Working her way back up to be ready for the International stage was a challenge in itself. However Ruby held her own in a field of 78 to finish 51st.

You cannot put a price on what you gain out of an international event. The girls have seen what they need to do moving forward, new goals have been planted in minds and now we are on the road to achieving these in 2020. 

Thank you to everyone who supported the athletes while we were in Bulgaria. It means alot to them.

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