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Angela took a few of the AGS athletes over to Brisbane to compete in the Queensland Cup. This was a great event which took the girls out of the comfort zone and provided another opportunity for the athletes to get feedback from judges.


For a few levels girls, this was their first time to compete individually and nerves were evident! But it is all in the name of experience and learning. 

Level 5 Trio  - Georgia, Suki, Mischa 1st

Level 5 Individual - Suki 1st

Level 5 Individual - Georgia 2nd

Level 5 Individual - Mischa 3rd

Level 6 Individual - Kayli 1st

Level 6 Individual - Emma 2nd

Age 1 Individual - Ruby 1st

Age 2 Individual - Brooke 3rd

Age 2 Individual - Sophie 4th

Senior Individual - Ebony 3rd

Aerodance Juniro Group - 1st

Well done to all.

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