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Post - Exercise Recovery

Post exercise recovery is a vital component to ensure athletes reap the benefits of training adaptations. Failure to allow the body to rest, recover and rejuvenate can result in burnout, fatigue and increased risk of injury.

Recovery from exercise and competition is a vital component of the overall exercise training paradigm, and paramount for high-level performance and continued improvement.

The underlying mechanisms that mediate post-exercise recovery include skeletal muscle damage, decreased substrates and the accumulation of metabolic by-products.

Optimal recovery involves restoring the capacity for each of the three energy systems to function once again at maximal levels.

Athletes must consider the frequency, intensity, time and type of recovery between each training session in order to optimise recovery. Nutritional strategies are a required aspect of recovery allowing the body to replenish its nutritional stores so all energy systems are ready to go for the next session.

Alternative methods used to aid post-exercise recovery include hot / cold water immersion, foam rolling, massage, stretching and compression garments.

Make sure you are looking after yourself and giving back to your body what you take from it during a training session and make recovery part a conscious part of your training program.

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