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AIS High Performance Conference

Angela McMillan our Head Coach of Aerobics attended the World Class to World Best: Australia's High Performance sports conference at the AIS on 8th-10th of November.


The conference provided a great opportunity to network with high performance coaches, directors, managers and support staff in Australia. 

Some key points from Angela's experience are below:


  • Focused on building the right "team" be it players or support staff.

  • Emphasised coaches well-being is as important as athletes.

  • Demonstrated how advanced technology such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality will benefit sport.

  • Spent time discovering the inner HP coach vs the inner critic.


The highlight of the conference was guest speaker, Glenn Ashby, Team NZ skipper. Glenn spoke right to my heart about his journey from being at the peak of success to falling to the bottom. It was incredible to hear what was achieved from having little to no funds, no sailing crew, no test boats and what Glenn and his team managed to do was climb out of the pit of bankruptcy to go on to once again winning the most prestigious marine race in the World.


There was a focus on "not being afraid to fail" As we know, it is through failure that we learn how to achieve success.



AGS looks forward to ensuring a bright new future with Ang sharing and applying her increased knowledge through the delivery of our exceptional training sessions.

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