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2019 State Champions

❤️💙2019 State Championships❤️💙

What an amazing State Championships for Victoria. 

AGS coaches could not be more proud of our athletes performances. For some, it is not an ideal time of the season to be competing however this event is always a great way for the club to come together.


AGS placed 3rd overall for the Club of the year with only 17 entries.

8 State Titles: 

Milana - Level 2 Mini (7 Years old)

Hannah - Level 3 Junior 

Georgia - Level 5 Junior 

Suki, Georgia, Mischa - Level 5 - Trio 

Kayli - Level 6 Junior

Olivia - IW

Berry - Aerodance Ind Inter

Suki, Georgia, Mischa, Kayli, Emma, - Ad Junior Group


5 Silver: 

Mischa - Level 5 Junior

Kristie - Level 8 Senior

Brooke - Age 2 IW

Ebony - IW

Bryanna - AD IW


3 Bronze: 

Emma - Level 6 Junior

Berry - Level 6 Senior 

Sophie - Age 2 IW


5th Place

Suki - Level 5 Junior


We would like to thank the judges and volunteers who helped make this championship a success.

Our Coaches Angela, Kristie and Annabel, our parents for all the support and the ATHLETES for working so hard.❤️💙

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