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2019 National Clubs

On the 13th and 14th of September National Clubs Carnival was held on the sunny Gold Coast.

This is a National event for clubs and the last event of the competitive season.

Congratulations to Ebony who won the Australian Cup award. This award is given to the athlete with the highest points across all State Championships collectively throughout the year.

AGS finished 2nd overall in the performance award with the following results:


Level 5 - Mischa

Level 8 - Kristie

Age 1 - Ruby

Age 2 - Sophie

Junior Aerodance - Mischa, Kayli, Suki, Ruby, Emma, Georgia


Level 3 - Hannah

Level 5 Trio - Suki, Georgia, Mischa

Age 2 - Brooke


Aerodance Inter - Berry

Senior IW - Olivia


Level 6 - Berry

Level 6 - Emma


Level 5 - Suki

Age 1 - Kayli

Senior IW - Ebony


Level 5 - Georgia

This has been a very long competitive season and all athletes have grown and developed and learnt some very important lessons. 

We are all back to the "basics" drawing board and planning for the 2020 season which is just around the corner!

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