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2018 State Championships

Congratulations to all athletes who performed at the State Championships, 21st August.


Thank you to our Judges Caitlin Murphy and Priscilla Feaver who sat there in sub-zero temperatures doing a great job.

Also our Coaches and volunteer Angela and Annabel. Annabel does a great job at keeping the music and MC on track. 

How can I forget our SUPPORT CREW! You guys looked amazing in your supporters shirts. Maybe we should have ordered jumpers instead :-) 


Here is a look at our impressive results:

14 routines


9 Gold

Junior AD Ruby

Inter AD Sophie

Age 1 IW Ruby

Age 1 TR Ruby, Sophie, Brooke

Snr IW Olivia

Level 6 SNR Sam

Level 8 SNR Kristie

Level 1 GR Olivia, Kristie, Nina, Ebony, Taylah, Brooke, Ruby, Sophie, Emma, Sam

Level 5 JUN Emma


2 Silver

Age 1 IW Sophie



1 Bronze

Age 1 IW Brooke


4th Place

SNR IW Ebony

Level 6 Inter Taylah


Well done to Taylah who has come back from a lengthy toe injury. It was great to have you up on the stage with us all. 


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