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Gym For All

Fun and fitness for all ages and abilities, with a broad range of skills.

Gym for All incorporates Adult GymFit, Team Gym and Tumbling.

Adult GymFit:

1 and 2 hour classes 

Classes involve a gymnastics based warm-up followed by core, stretching and general strengthening activities. Gymnastic skill learning providing opportunities to develop gymnastics skills such as handstands and flips. Skill learning is performed using specific equipment and aids in improving balance, flexibility, coordination and strength.


Team Gym:

2 hour class/es Levels State 1 & 2

Classes teach gymnastic skills in three different disciplines: floor, tumbling and mini-tramp. Develop teamwork skills on floor, demonstrating technique and acrobatic skills.

It is an exciting and engaging program with all 3 apparatus connected to music. This program provides opportunities to learn coordination, strength and balance, improve fitness and build friendships.


1 hour class Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Aerobics

Classes provide structured opportunities to develop tumbling skills and strength. Participants will learn spatial awareness and basic body actions to increase their coordination, courage and confidence. Aerobic gymnasts can benefit from this program to develop new skills for enhancing their general gymnastics content in their routines


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